Through the camera


I sway and swing my hands

in the air, jump and sing;

clap, clap, clap, to the beats of

Coldplay. It’s a party with lights

on my wristband and the stage.

But there are more lights!


blink, blink, blink, they sparkle

like a disco in every hand,

soon the entire stadium is

twinkling with flashlights.

I want to see, but a million

screens are in my line of sight.


Stop! I want to scream. Stop

making this another YouTube

video experience, I want to yell.

Can you see the moon crown

the stage? or the laser lights

dance across the stadium?



Probably not. It’s just another

post, a grainy, out of focus photo

or video, a selfie most likely,

on Facebook or Instagram.

I want to stay real and feel,

my phone is not on my mind.


But there are a million screens

in my line of sight. And I see

the stage through a screen alright.

It’s just another Youtube video

That I could have watched in bed

Instead of braving crowds, traffic,

and flat beer. Realness is dead.


By: Sruthi hamsini


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