Seeing what you want to see

Sometimes they say that when something is on your mind constantly, you tend to notice a lot of the same thing around you – a fact that you might have easily missed otherwise. For a long time, I never noticed how many avengers the Bangalore roads bore. I recently wanted to pick up one and of course, the only thing my eye catches now is an avenger on the road – that blue one behind the big red Volvo bus that somehow despite its size, is being narrowly sandwiched by a truck and an auto rickshaw. Never mind all that – I still spot it.

Interestingly, manifestation is all about becoming present at a particular place. While I may think that perception plays an important role in that, it also has a lot to do with giving something its due and importance when it occurs. For example, a falling fruit is an incident that takes place everyday – but if I’m not interested in falling fruit, then I do not for a second acknowledge it. On the other hand, if I am in the middle of reading and understanding newtons theory, then falling fruit – everywhere, has a new meaning for me. I’m amazed, that falling fruit has an outstanding number of occurrences on a day.

Then I guess that we experience life the way we want to. Things happen – they will irrespective of which side of the bed you woke up from, or if you first washed your left foot and then the right or the other way around. Things will happen exactly as they were meant to. How we interpret and see things depends completely on our state of mind. It’s all a mind game…

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